Product update | NaviPlan 18.1 release

May 07, 2018 by John Heinen

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John Heinen

Chief technology officer

As chief technology officer, John provides strategic, operational, and programmatic support of our products to the greater Advicent organization, our partners, and the industry. He leverages his decades of software development and product management experience to define business and product strategies, work directly with clients in providing technology solutions, and build product and service delivery organizations that deliver results while meeting regulatory requirements.

In our latest release of NaviPlan®, we have introduced enhancements to client reports, the NaviPlan client portal, and our Presentation Module. You can view or read more about these changes below.

New and improved client reports

New client report – "First Year Detailed Income Tax"

The "First Year Detailed Income Tax" report gives clients a detailed look at how taxes are calculated during the first year of their plan. This report can be a jumping-off point to justify an investment strategy change aimed at reducing a client's overall tax burden.

Updated client report - "Cash Flow Outlook"

The "Cash Flow Outlook" report is now scalable and allows multiple years to be selected for analysis. You can choose five specific years—not limited sequentially—to analyze. This enhancement provides the client more clarity about changes to their cash flow during their plan and can reveal potential points of concern. Click the "Add" button, found under the report on the "Client Report" page, to select which years you wish to include.

Client portal enhancements

Terminology change

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a single, scalable planning solution for all of our users, the Narrator Clients portal has been renamed the NaviPlan client portal. This change simplifies the naming of features within NaviPlan and clarifies any technology-focused discussions that you may have with your clients.

User interface enhancements

Client portal navigation is now exclusively found on the left hand side of the screen within the "Active Client" drop-down menu of NaviPlan. Functionality within the "Portal Management" page remains the same.

Focusing client portal management on a specific client saves you time while assisting clients with their client portal—whether in-person during a client meeting or via other means of communication.

Level 1 portal publishing

Level 1 client plans can now be published to the client portal. This expansion gives you greater freedom around what type of plans you can create and grants clients who have simpler planning scenarios the option to experience the client portal.

Other improvements

Level 1 estate planning enhancements

Basic will and estate questionnaire questions have been added to "General Assumptions" in a level 1 plan. If included, they will be listed within the "Plan Analysis Synopsis" client and "Quick Action" reports.

Qualified business income deduction

The qualified business income deduction (QBI) is now supported within NaviPlan. This deduction allows for business entities to effectively be taxed on only 80 percent of their income as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). A checkbox within LLC, Partnerships, and S Corps can be checked to trigger calculation within reports.

Pension detail enhancements

To reduce potential confusion, payment frequency indicators have been added to the right of the value boxes within the "Defined Benefit Pension Details" pop-up within the "Enter Financial Data - Cash Flow" page.

We look forward to introducing additional enhancements to the newly improved NaviPlan and its client portal in the very near future. In the meantime, current users can learn more about these latest enhancements by accessing the NaviPlan learning center.