Partner Experience Program

Our team wins when your team wins

Our Partner Experience Program is committed to the ongoing success of every NaviPlan partner. We understand that our software is only as valuable as the return on investment that it provides. Our team of partner experience managers are here to ensure that your organization is getting the most out of your NaviPlan software.

Identify and execute on solutions

Our experts work closely with your firm to regularly assess utilization, open support cases, and opportunities for workflow optimization.

Drive adoption efforts

From tailored webinar programming to onsite training, we ensure that the success of NaviPlan implementation does not rest on your shoulders alone.

Advocate for your firm

Your dedicated partner experience manager can escalate support needs and inform development prioritization on features essential to your firm.

Provide unfettered support access

Our enterprise case owners provide elevated support response times to ensure your team can troubleshoot problems with minimal downtime.

How we measure success

How we support success

Strategic considerations

Your strategic account manager will ...

  • Facilitate and simplify licensing and all other contractual activities
  • Demonstrate new features for purposes of  firm evaluation

Experience and adoption

Your partner experience manager will ...

  • Assist in activities to increase software effectiveness
  • Function as liaison to other NaviPlan resources
  • Demo and support software for your firm's NaviPlan users

Project execution

Your project manager will ...

  • Lead all project phases from planning through delivery
  • Coordinate with support for issues that arise during project testing

Ongoing user support

Your enterprise case owner will ...

  • Track all open/escalated production issues through to completion
  • Understand trends in case activity to uncover action-plan opportunities