NaviPlan for banks and credit unions

Empower branch advisors to deliver impactful advisory services that maximize the value of institutional banking clients.

Easy to implement planning strategies

With efficient needs analysis assessments that can be easily scaled into a comprehensive financial plan, bank and credit union advisors can maximize the opportunity with easy to implement planning strategies.

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Untapped banking potential

Banks face a multitude of roadblocks from organizational processes to evolving investor demands. To achieve branch growth and success, institutions must equip advisors with the tools to overcome these challenges.

On this interactive webpage, learn how NaviPlan is built to meet the needs of the modern bank advisor.

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Case study: Enterprise bank

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Strengthen client relationships and stimulate business growth

As one of the largest banks in Canada, this institution boasts $217 billion in AUM and supports over 400,000 global clients. Retail advisors struggled to deliver consistent, trustworthy advice that opened the door to additional opportunities.

Results trusted by this global enterprise bank include:


increased prospect conversion
rates by 240 percent

increased AUM
by 100 percent
increased efficiencies
by 20 percent

Deliver a seamless digital experience

With the NaviPlan client portal, institutions can deliver an engaging digital experience that keeps clients connected to their advice.

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Streamline workflows and increase productivity through our integrations and partnerships with other industry leaders.

Integrations with leading technology providers transfer your client data securely, in real time - saving you time and reducing the margin for error. Our integration with MX allows clients to import their accounts and loans from thousands of institutions. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with associations like the FPA and Garrett Planning Network provide discounts to group members.