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July 26, 2018 by Tony Velasquez

About the author

Tony Velasquez

Senior partner experience manager

Tony has worked in multiple areas at Advicent and has insight into various segments of the industry. For the past few years, he has been an integral part of the Tech Adoption Management team by managing relationships of large enterprise clients with various projects, training/implementation, and organizational readiness of Advicent tools for advisors to be successful within their practice.

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At Advicent, we recently held our 2018 Rally Week to reflect on our progress from the first half of the year and look ahead towards the second half. We were joined by some of our existing partners for presentations on their business processes and feedback on how our products fit their needs. The following are focus points that will guide us to continue delivering the best possible product and user experience for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

Having a pulse on the market

Like all thriving companies, understanding what the market demands plays a key role when designing and enhancing our product suite. Over the last several years, our company has continued market interaction efforts via partner/prospect conversations, social media engagement, continued education for internal employees, and market research among many channels.

Last week, we expanded our market knowledge by bringing in some of our existing partners to gain insight into their processes as well hear what’s ahead for the financial services industry through their firms’ eyes. This face to face interaction strengthens our ability to build technology that will deliver on advisor needs time and time again.

Second to none partner experience

Coming from the partner experience team, I can tell you first-hand how impactful our team approach is when it comes to providing partner support. Our goal is to make sure partners are covered in all areas with the resources needed to be successful with our technology.  Whether it be through our professional services team, sales, partner support, or product team, it is crucial that we work with our partners to help them seamlessly embed our technology into their practice. 

Listening to partners discuss the quality support they get from Advicent across their businesses was the most rewarding commentary I received throughout the entire week. We must continue to grow our partner experience to strengthen our relationships.

Keeping financial planning at the forefront

Financial planning is, and will always be, the core of our business.  All of the partners who spoke during Rally Week discussed how providing financial plans to their customer base is vital to their business. Financial planning opens the door for a better business process, additional sales, increased AUM, and a higher quality customer experience overall.  In order to keep planning at the core of the financial services industry, we will continue to enhance our product’s capabilities and user experience.

After our Rally Week, I am more encouraged than ever that Advicent is on the right path to continue creating high quality solutions that will service our industry to the fullest in 2018 and beyond. Thank you to all partners who took the time to engage in quality conversations with our company and I look forward to similar events in the future.

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