Advicent APIs

With many changes in the industry such as robo-advisors, the need to profitably serve mass affluent clients, increasing client expectations for technology, and the need to automate tasks to lower the cost per plan, large financial services firms are seeking to provide their clients a branded digital experience throughout the entire client journey. Advicent hides the complexities of financial planning and makes it easy for our partners to create their own unique applications for their client journey.

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Keeping up with industry changes

Consumers today crave both up-to-date information and the latest and greatest technology to go along with it. Instant gratification, instant results, and instant updates. Technology advancements are not slowing down, and neither can advisors. Advisors (and their firms) need to look for new ways to stand out, differentiate, and continue to solidify their customer relationships.

In an ever-changing digital world, how can financial services firms keep up? Ultimately, setting yourself apart and establishing your own brand is key to your success.

Invest in your clients. Invest in your story.

We allow firms to create their own applications using their digital technologies and our calculation engines. We hide the complexities of financial planning and make it easy for our partners to create their own unique applications. You know your clients and your brand story. Narrator® Connect APIs allow your firm to tell its story to your clients in a way that inherently creates value for the business.

Financial planning data and technology to meet the unique needs of your firm

Don’t let off-the-shelf software dictate your engagement model. With Narrator® Connect, you can deliver custom financial applications to acquire clients, deepen relationships, and improve efficiency.

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What are APIs?

A simple way to think of an API is a conduit that two separate pieces of software use to communicate with each other.

APIs simplify access to data and allow flexibility and customization – allowing firms to build their own customer experience with consistency and accuracy of data they are accustomed all while leveraging their unique brand and story.

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Creating a unique client journey

The real value is creating a unique, engaging client experience that tells the firm’s story, sells their products, and meets their clients where they already are – online and mobile.

Firms need to provide a consistent experience and maximize profits by stepping away from the traditional strategies they currently provide. These larger firms understand the importance of technology to their success and need a solution that provides fluidity of technology and client experience.

Benefits of utilizing APIs

Benefits to your business:

  • Fully customizable, integrated and differentiated experience
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Increased speed to market
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Predictable ongoing costs

Benefits for your digital strategy:

  • Ownership of solution and technology development
  • Technology roadmap acceleration
  • Highly scalable and available
  • End-to-end technology integration

For more information on the benefits of APIs, visit our blog.